For Wet Hens

      Welcome to the Witches' Guild. This section will help you join this wonderful guild and has information about getting started.

Becoming a Witch
Getting Started Once You've Joined the Guild
Granny's Cottage
Above and Beyond the Wet Hen

Guide to Building a Witch

Becoming a Witch

Nationality: How you join the Witches' Guild will be different depending on which nationality you choose after leaving the Newbie area. Listed below are the different ways to join the witches guild from your starting city.

Joining from Ankh-Morpork: Stop by Gennie's Cottage, at the corner of Holofermes and The Willows in Ankh-Morpork, and ask her (nicely) if you can become a witch. She will give you a taliswoman (you can keep getting and using them until about guild level 20) that can transport you near Granny's Cottage in the town of Bad Ass in the Ramtops and then back to Ankh-Morpork. ('Look' at the taliswoman so see how it works.) Or if you want to take the long way, you can take the carriages to Bad Ass. But I'm not sure which routes you would need to take to get there, but you do need to switch carriages a few times to get there.

Joining from Lancre: There are many different places to start in and around Lancre. Once you figure out where you are, you can walk from there to Granny's Cottage in Bad Ass to join the witches' guild.

Joining from Sto Lat: If you talk to Mum Blithesome, who is off of Grave's Hope, about ask her nicely about becoming a witch, she will give you a taliswoman (you can keep getting and using them until about guild level 20). If you 'look' at the taliswoman to see how it works, you can use that to take you to Granny's Cottage in Bad Ass. It can also transport you back to Mum's Cottage in Sto Lat.

Joining from Djelibeybi: There is a caraven that moves around the city that a couple of witches live in. Just ask the witches in the caravan if you can join the witches guild, and they will provide you with a taliswoman (you can keep getting and using them until about guild level 20) that can take you to Granny's Cottage in Bad Ass. By 'look'ing at the taliswoman, you can see how it works. It will also take you back to the city of Djelibeybi.

Joining from Genua: Mrs. Gogol in her stall on Market Street will give you a taliswoman (you can keep getting and using them until about guild level 20) if you ask her nicely about joining the guild. 'Look' at the taliswoman to see how it works. This taliswoman will take you to Granny's Cottage in Bad Ass where you can join. It can also take you back to Genua.

At Granny's Cottage: Once at Granny's, you will probably need to get to key from the nail in the privy (in case the back door to the cottage is locked). Inside the cottage, look for Granny and if you ask her (nicely) to join the witches' guild. You will then become a wet hen (newbie witch).

Joining from the Counterweight Continent: You can join the witches' guild by walking from your starting location in Bes Palargic to the intersection of The Serpent and Snake Parade in the Pong Ping Distric. Here you'll find the Witches' Hut with Old Auntie Ogg-San. If you ask her nicely, she'll let you join.

Bits and Pieces: Only female character can be a witch. If you happen to have made the mistake in choosing the wrong gender and still want to be a witch, there is a way that you can get those bits removed. Go and see Gennie in Ankh-Morpork and talk to her; she can give you a "Change of Pace" to help you become a witch. Mum Blithesome in Sto Lat, Mrs. Gogol in Genua, and the witches in DJB caravan can also "help" the gents.

Getting Started
Once You've Joined the Guild

      Now that you are part of this lovely guild, what do you do?

Advancement: Witches can advance in the same room that Granny is in, learn from Auntie Ogg-San in CWC, or be taught by other players. When advancing, you spend experience points (xp) and money (currency at Granny's is Lancre, currency in Ogg-San's is Agatean). By typing 'cost all', you can see how much xp is needed and your current and maximum skill levels. You can then "advance <skill>" to learn that skill.

Task Master System (TM): Another way to advance is through TMs (task master). When you keep practicing spells and commands (and other things), you can get TMs. When you TM, you get a line on your screen saying something like: "A piece of lore conserning evoking suddenly becomes clear." or "You feel better at performing this task." This increases the skill you are using by one without having to spend money or xp.

Guild Levels: By typing 'score', you can see what guild level you are in (as well as other useful stuff). Your guild level is the average of all primary skills levels. Primary skills are cheaper to advance and you can advance them to a much higher level through the Guild.

The Wart System: After you have joined, look at yourself ('look me'). You will notice an extra line of text in your description: "You can't help but notice that she has <number> wart(s) on her face." These warts tell others (and yourself) what guild level you are. You get 1 wart for every 10 levels. The more warts someone has, the higher they are in the Guild.

Talkers: First, you should probably get a talker item so that you can listen to and talk on the witches guild channel. You can get lots of useful information from here, and you can ask questions about the Guild. If you type "help talker" you'll see a list of places near the beginning of the help file that show where you can get a talker that's near your starting location. By typing "help talker" and "syntax talker" you can find out how it works. To get the witches channel to work, type "talker on" (to turn it on) and "talker witches" (to add the witches channel so you can hear it). To talk on the witches, type "witches <message>". Any witch that has their talker on will be able to hear you. "talker echo on" will show you what you enter into a channel.

Spells: A big part of this guild is casting spells. This isn't like the wizard's guild where all the spells are written down in books and such. Witches learn from other witches. To get a list of spells that witches can learn, you need to go see Nanny Ogg. She's at the front of Granny's cottage. Ask her for a list of spells that Granny teaches. This same list is in the Witches' Spells section of this site. To actually learn the spells, you need to see Granny. Ask her nicely to teach you, and when she asks you want you want to learn, type in the name of the spell. Granny and Nanny are mutli-lingual, so if you start in a location that doesn't speak Morporkian, they will still understand you. For those from CWC, you can learn spells from Auntie Ogg-San in the Witches' Hut. Once she has taught you a spell, you can then "cast" it. She will only teach you a spell when she feels you are ready to learn it (until you have enough levels in Magic.Spells.XXX).

Commands: Most commands are taught by Nanny when you have enough skills to learn them. Just ask her nicely and she'll teach you. Some commands are taught by Granny or Ogg-san automatically. To learn the commands taught by Granny, simply advance the skill needed to get the command and it will automatically appear in your head. For those from CWC, you can learn commands from Mama Diksha in the Hidden Shelter on Ming Lane, Pong Ping. You can find out when you get each command and what they do by visiting Commands.

Teas & Potions: Teas are brewed by "gather"ing herbs is various gardens and "grind"ing them up. You then put them in a bottle with some water (usually) and you have a potion. Some potions are a bit different and need different amounts of ingredients. To see what is in each tea, look at Potions & Teas. Every witch is different, so each will use different recipes. You need to figure out your own recipes (amounts) for the different teas. Probably the first tea you should brew is Focus Tea. Once you drink this tea, you can focus on a spell you have memorized and it will let you know if you can cast it or not, and what skills you need to work on.

Experience Points (xp) and Money: To advance, you need xp and money. But where do you get money and xp? You can get xp by casting spells, brewing, using commands, killing things, completing quests, exploring, and just idling. When starting out, I recommend advancing magic.spells.offensive untill you get the command "squint" and it's method "scathing". This will help you kill things like rats and cockroaches a lot easier so that you can advance more in the beginning. See A Guide to Building a Witch for more info on recommended skills to advance.
      To get money as a little wet hen, you can search the streets in a major city then sell what you find in general stores. Another way get get money is to kills things and loot their corpses ("get all from corpse"). Make sure you "consider" anything before you attack them and don't attack anything tougher than you. You can only advance using Lancre money in Granny's Cottage. If you advance in Ogg-san's hut, you'll need Agatean money. You can kill things in Ohulan Cutash and farther hubwards (east) for Lancre money. Or you can deposit Ankh-Morpork money in the Co-op Bank on Widdershins Broadway and withdraw Lancre money from the Co-op Bank in Lancre Town. Another way to get Lancre money is to stop by the money changer in Ohulan Cutash and "sell" your forn currency for Lancre money. If you happen to see another witch around Granny's cottage, she might have some money that you can exchange though her. Just ask her nicely and she'll probably give you about 1 Lancre crown for A$4.32.

Skills and Bonuses: You'll notice when you type "skills" in the game, it lists the various skills and their level and bonus. The skills branch out to more specific skills (or leaves) in the skill tree. To be able to see the more specific skills and advance them by themselves, you'll need to advance the higher, less specific skills to get them to open up to the leaves.
      Example: Let's say you want to advance your brewing skill. To be able to advance that skill by itself, you'll first have to advance magic to level 5 so that more branchs in the skill tree become available. Next you'll have to advance magic.methods to level 10. This will open up more branches. By advancing magic.methods.physical to level 15, brewing will become available so you can advance that all by itself. By advancing the higher branches on the skill tree, you are advancing everything on it's branch, which can be quite expensive in xp and money.
      When you advance skills or get a TM in a skill, it's raising the level of that skill. Level only really matters for learning perposes and the amount of xp it costs to get to your next level. It's the bonus for that skill that determines if you fail or succeed in something. You bonus is calculated based on the level of that skill and your stats (see below for information about rearranges). The higher the bonus in a skill, the more likely you will succeed. As you get higher level you will notice that it takes more and more levels to raise the bonus by the same amount it did when the level was low, depending on the rearrange. In a way, this is to prevent people from becoming extremely powerful at the extremely high levels. They have to work a lot harder to raise a skill's bonus at that high level.

Granny's Cottage

      There are many witches' cottages located around Discworld, but Granny's cottage is the biggest and most useful, since almost everything you need is right there. This map will help you find your way around Granny's.

Granny's Cottage

Above and Beyond the Wet Hen

      After joining a guild and getting started, a lot of Wet Hens need a push to get them past the newbie stage and start becoming a better witch and player. This section is designed to help you build your witch. You don't have to follow the tips. How you play your witch is up to you.

      There are a couple different kinds of witches: magical witches, combat witches, service witches, research witches, or a combination of these. Figuring out what kind of witch you want to be will help you to establish goals and work towards them. You can also always switch what kind of witch you want to be later on.

Beginning Advancement: A common question that is asked when a witch first joins the guild is "What should I advance first?" Truthfully, that's entirely up to you. However, to make things easier for you to play, it would probably help if you go with either fighting skills, skills for the beginning spells, or skills for flying on a broom.

Aiming for the Low Level Spells: Learning Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment and working on that first is a nice introduction to magic. It's the easiest spell and you will be using as you get older too. You can also make some good money enchanting items for other people. As you get better, you can enchant to higher levels. You can also gain a bit of xp from casting the spell to help improve your other skills. Hag's Blessing is also a great beginner spell as it provides light for you so you don't have to rely on torches or yellow stone rings. Another good magic skill to learn at low levels is the Squint command and scathe method of it, which will help you deal some damage to kill things.

Aiming for Flight: By working on the skills used to fly a broomstick, you'll be able to get around a lot faster and easier, especially since you can't use the taliswoman for very long. The skills used in flying a broomstick tm very well and you can get quite a bit of xp fueling your broom. Since you'll be advancing some magic skills, this will also help to learn some low level spells.

Aiming for Fighting: Most witches use either daggers, swords, or polearms when fighting. A few use other weapons. Dagger and sword use more dex and most witches have higher dex for the** skill tree, so it works out well. Some use polearm because a broom is polearm and you'll almost always have your broom with you. For the most part, it doesn't matter which weapon skill you use, as long as you stick with it. By working on fighting skills early, you can get xp and money faster because you'll be able to kill things faster. You should also get the 25 levels of from the Guild as soon as possible for some decent hp so you have more time to get away before you might die.

Past the Beginning: Start grouping. Grouping with other players is a great way to make friends, learn more about the game, and make a lot of xp and money. As you begin to play more, you may want to think about getting certain skills to a higher bonus to get xp even faster. I recommend getting your ma.sp.defensive up to guild max as soon as possible, as well as This way you can use a better floater and make it swoop well enough to block pretty much everything it without getting knocked out much. With maxed brewing, you'll have some great healing tea to help you heal and you can sell it for decent money.
      With these maxed, focus on your weapon skill (**), fi.sp.tactics, and a** skill. Get all of these up to a 300 bonus at least. It's a lot of work and will take a while, since 300 levels in a non-primary is about 25 million xp. With higher weapon skills, you'll be able to kill things faster. With better tactics, your floater will swoop more and you'll also attack more while fighting. By getting a back-up defensive skill like dodge or parry, if your floater drops, you won't die trying to get it back up. You may also want to get some armour for those times when you may get hit. I also recommend getting your HP up to around 2000 eventually so that you can survive longer. You may also want to get your fi.ra.thrown skill to a 300 bonus so you can hit things with Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees. Since these skills are all non-primaries, it'll be cheaper to learn from someone else than to teach yourself. I recommend learning from Lanfear who logs in frequently in the Old Warrior Guild near the Mended Drum in Ankh-Morpork. She has the best teaching bonuses for fighting, health, and several other skills.
      (Remember: You need a very low burden to be able to dodge well (below 20%), but you can dodge while casting spells. Your burden doesn't need to be as low with parry (below 30%), but you can't parry while casting.)
      Some time down the road, you will probably want to get rid of your floater once your fi.def.** skill is high enough. Floaters eat up tactics badly. You spend so much of your tactics trying to swoop the floater that you don't attack much. In the long run, you are better off getting rid of it, but since it's a primary, it's good to use until you get your fighting skills up. Casting the wizard's TPA (invisible bubble shield wossname) and CCC (rock skill) from scrolls will also help to protect you if your floater misses a block or your dodge or parry fails.
      With the new insect shield spell, you may want to use that in combined with a floater until your skills get higher. It's a good defense, but don't rely on it too much, as it may break when you least expect it, leaving you with no defence if you don't have your fighting skills up.

For more detailed information about what to advance, check out A Guide to Building a Witch.

Other Useful Skills & Commands: As you advance, there are several other skills that you may find useful. With more ot.perception, you'll join in battle sooner with "group assist" and thieves won't be able to steal from you as easily. This skill also enables you to see better in low light conditions. Work on getting a few fighting commands by advanding your fi.sp.weapons skill. You'll be able to use these in combat for added damage. It also tms very well. Work on getting the Bandage command (25 levels in which tms a lot and it allows you to heal other players. Sure, you have healing tea, but you can't make your Fruitbat drink healing tea. Work on the craft skills needed to get fix (10 levels of cr.smithing), repair (10 levels of cr.carpentry), leatherwork (10 levels of cr.materials), and mend/sew (needle and thread, so that you can repair your items. You may notice other useful skills to advance while playing.

Maximizing your TMs and XPs: Through playing, I've noticed that by mixing up your commands and spells, you get more xp that way than if you do the same thing over and over again. Be sure to mix up the skills you are using as well. The same goes for TMs. If you mix up the skills you are using and the TMs you get, you are more likely to TM again. While playing, if you work on TMing things like languages or musical instruments, you'll be more likely to TM the things you really want to TM, like magic skills or fighting. Working towards having a lot of commands to use will really help your character since you'll have the commands to use and mix up for XP and TMs.

Rearranging: You only get one rearrange. After that, you'll only be able to more 1 stat point every 6 real months if you get your rearrange wrong. So, before deciding to rearrange, play the game for a while and figure out what kind of witch you want to be. An all 13 rearrange is great for starting out, so don't feel that you need to rearrange right away. I'd say waiting until you are over 7-10 days old before thinking about a rearrange. You'll know more about the game by then and can decide which skills you think you should focus on more. There are several websites out there with stat calculators to help you figure out your rearrange.

Building a PK Witch: More than likely, this won't apply to you, but some witches do wish to go PK (become a playerkiller) eventually. If you are planning on becomming a PK, don't do it when you are young. Build up your skills and your age first so you are able to defend yourself if someone comes after you. With higher age, players are less likely to target you.
      There are some key skills you should consider working on before going PK: a weapon skill (**), fi.ra.thrown,**, fi.sp.tactics, (over 2000 hp), and ot.perception. All of these skills should be over a 300 bonus before going PK. This will deter most of the PKs from trying to attack or steal from you. Floaters aren't very useful as a PK since most PKs will be able to knock them down in a round or two. They are useful for surviving a backstab or ambush, but after that, it's better to use a** skill, otherwise you'll spend your time trying to refloat you untensil. There are a couple other useful skills to work on either before or after going PK: fi.un.grappling (to protect against snathch),,, (protects against priest and wizard scrying), (protects against witch scrying).
      After going PK, if you don't want to get hunted down a lot or stolen from all the time, keep your head down. Don't immediately start randoming killing people, don't loot PK corpses, don't start yelling at other PKs, and avoid whining if something does happen to you. All these do is make people want to hunt you down more. Basically, treat others the way you want to be treated. There will be times where things will still go wrong and you'll get hunted down. Take it in stride. Do your best to defend yourself and fly away to the terrains if you need to. How you handle situations with other PKs will reflect how they deal with you in the future. If you start whining on the PK channel or board about some thief that stole something from you or some PK that attacked you, you probably won't get any sympathy and others might want to hunt you down to stop you from whining or make your whine more because they find it funny. Some PKs are like that. Instead, see what went wrong and work towards improving your skills and the way you play the game for next time. PK life isn't for everyone.

Pseudo PKs: For those that want to try out the PK experience without any of the risks, gather your friends together for a game of Capture The Flag. There's a Monastery outside Ankh-Morpork to the southwest where you can play CTF. While playing, you'll be PK and can fight against others playing. You don't lose your spells when you die or any XP. You'll be able to test your skills against other players safely and have a lot of fun doing so. For more information, type "help ctf" while on Discworld.