Rumours and Gossip!

      The Witches' Guild is one of the newest guilds in Discworld M.U.D. As such, it gets new things added to it frequently. Recently, we've gotten three new spells and can now imbue magick crystals.

      In this page, you'll get a glimse at a few new things that might be added to this guild in the future. If you have heard of anything that might be changed or added to our guild, let me know and I'll add it to this page.

      Disclaimer: Everything listed on this page are just rumours and such that have been floating around the guild. They may or may not end up in the guild. Descriptions added for each thing are my own ideas and assumptions.

Splint: Witches tend to break their legs often. Either from running out of fuel while flying or from not having enough skills in In the future you might be able to mend your own legs, or a friends, with the "splint" command. This command will probably need a willow withe and some bandages. It probably uses

Curse: I'm not sure on about this command yet. It'll probably use though. You might be able to curse someone and they might break a leg or something.

A quote from our Beloved Tannah care of our Lovely Woom:

(Witches) Woom wisps: Tannah Wooten tells you: S'pretty close to some of the planned curses, though. Or at least related.
(Witches) Woom wisps: Tannah Wooten tells you: Agoraphobia, for instance.

(Note: I believe Agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces. I'd have to look it up.)

Broomsticks: Lots of new changes will be made to Brooms in the future. Here is a sneak peak from Tannah.

Tannah's post on The Witches' Guild Board, Thu Jul 11 19:12:56 2002, entitled "Flight Plans":

Coooee, dears.

I know lots of you are in mourning about the changes to brooms, even those of you who understand why it had to be done. I quite understand. And yet, it really was necessary, else it wouldn't have happened at all.

Because getting about quickly is one of a witch's advantages, I've Had Words with the dwarves. They've doubled the number of stops on the brooms they ship out of the factory, and fiddled with the fabric of time so that the brooms previously shipped are fitted out, too. Clever things, dwarves. Not to be outdone, the brooms themselves have gotten into the act, as anywitch who's bonded her broom can tell you.

These extra stops will make it possible for you to get to particular places in your favourite haunts quickly, but you'll still have to plan ahead and not just drop in on the unsuspecting as before. They are, however, a temporary measure.

As you've no doubt heard rumoured, there are new Flight Plans on the horizon. Plans may change, but this seems like a good time to offer you a sneak peak on what the dwarfs (currently) have in mind for the new fangled brooms:

In the New Flight, "recall", "record", "fly to", et al will be Gonne. If that sounds bad, take heart: misflights will be Gonne, too.

Instead, you'll have "take off", "fly <direction>", "hover", "gain altitude", "lose altitude", "land", etc. You'll get to spend as much or as little time as you like aloft, as long as you don't run out of the gp it costs to stay up, and you'll get to fly exactly where you want to be. It may take you longer if your skills are low or the weather's bad, but you won't wind up in KLK when you were headed for OC.

You'll be able to hover just above the ground, go up, go down, drop things from above, fly in loopdeloops, eat an onion sandwhich, wave to your sisters as they fly past goin' the other direction, perhaps even refuel in the air. You'll be able to fly to the tippy tops of mountains that others can't reach. You may even be able to take a passenger, as long as he's willing to risk the chance of plummeting to his death.

Rather than recorded locations, you may be able to memorize routes and/or landmarks that are easy to spot from the air so you won't have to circle in the air, looking for a place to land. From the air, you'll get to scope out the action below and decide just where you want to land and next to whom. You'll definitely be able to drop in on the unsuspecting again, just so long as they don't look up and see you coming.

For the moment, there is no ETA for these new Flight Plans, nor are they finalized. The dwarves are BUSY BUSY BUSY and they tell me there's much yet to be done. Apparently the recent cave in of the No.6 Mine has set things back a bit, so don't go holding your breath. Above all, remember that they might go changing their minds about some of the details. Clever things, dwarves, but fickle.

- Tannannannannannah, No.2 Doyenne, Aaoograha hoa
Eat, drink and be fat and drunk

Granny Morag's Fearful Shadows: This looks like it will be a new spell. It's probably either an offensive or defensive spell. Maybe it makes your opponent cower in fear and lowers some of thier stats because they are scared. It might raise thier whimpy and force them to run away and keep them from beating you up.

Daughters-in-Law: Nanny has tons of daughters-in-Law. And soon, we might have some too. Maybe they'll go around and do our chores for us, like making mass quantities of healing tea or gathering herbs. I missed the discussion over the Witches Channel for this, but if anyone has any info, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Borrowing: In the books, Granny could borrow the mind of an animal to find out what was happening in the area around her. We might be able to do something like this in the future.

Voodoo: Maybe we'll get to stick pins in little dolls of people and curse them.

NPC Cottages: More cottages and brewing facilities are always nice. A few other place to advance and learn spells couldn't hurt either.

Lessons for the Hennes: This might be set up similar to the Wizards' Guild and thier Appentice Scheme and Wibble Fund to help out wet hens.

Auld Baggages Teaching: This might be set up similar to the Wizards' Guild and thier Appentice Scheme and Wibble Fund to help out wet hens.

Poison Fruits: Getting poison apples isn't easy. It's a dangerous trip into Skund Forest. Or and expensive trip to the Grocer on Fast Lane. In the future, we may be able to poison our own fruits, making it easier and more fun to tempt unsuspecting victims. There is a little flask in the new witches hut in CWC that has something to do with poisoning. In the future, maybe this will be used to poison fruits or something.

Fighting Techniques: Witches aren't very good fighters and have very few offensive and defensive spells. Maybe we'll get new ways of fighting or even a few spells.

Witches' Combat: It seems that in the future we will be able to do more with our broomsticks and hatpins than just fly around and hurt people. It looks like we will be able to get special commands to use with our brooms and hatpins to cause extra damage and other special things. Here's what Tannah has to say about the subject.

Tannah's post on The Witches' Guild Board, Thu Jul 11 19:41:55 2002, entitled "Offending thee masses":

One of the complaints raised with the change to the brooms is that it will seriously affect a witch's already limited combat ability. While combat has never been and never will be an important part of witchcraft, a witch does occasionally need to show someone thee error of his ways an' from time to time this requires a quick ding about the ears, or the handy use of a hatpin.

To that end, a variety of witchy specials are likely to make an appearance in the probably-not-too-horribly-distant future. Commands along the line of Ding, Distract, Glare, Puncture, Perforate, Squint, Stare and, last but not least, Tear [as in ' your head and stuff it full of snakes'] have all been discussed as likely candidates. Some will require broomsticks, others hatpins. Some may cause sore ears (with ensuite snakes), some might make people give up and wander away, or bleed profusely, or perhaps stab their best friend in the back. All will be very suitable for a witch to use in a tight spot. Some may be restricted to witches only while others might be used by others as well.

As you can see, the details are yet to be decided. Rest assured, however, that Things are Afoote and that the more offensive of you lot will some day have new an' exciting ways to offend.

- Tannannannannannannah, No.2 Doyenne, Aaoograha hoa
Eat, drink and be fat and drunk

New Fighting Tree: I missed the original post on the Warrior's Board, but it seems that the fighting tree will be getting a make over. In the tree, things like pierce, blunt, sharp, etc. will be replaced with types of weapons like, sword, heavy sword, dagger, etc. I'm not sure exactly how this will effect fighting and such. If anyone has any info about this, or the original post, let me know.