Witches' Items

      Every witch should know how to dress and what they need, so that everyone can recognize a witch when they see them.

ItemDescriptionPlace Found
Antique Black Dress Standard Witches' Attire ~ In Granny's Wardrobe Upstairs
~ Bought in Clothing Shop in Slice
Bottles Used to make brews in Shelves In:
~ Kitchens
~ Sculleries
~ Pantries
~ Stalls
~ Caravans
~ Shops
~ Huts
Fruitbat Clothing Clothing for your Fruitbat to wear ~ Bat Clothing shop in the Snail, CWC
~ Bat Clothing shop in Razorback
Grinders & Brewing Used for grinding herbs and making brews ~ Bad Ass (Granny's)
~ Mad Stoat (Magrat's)
~ Scrogoden (Ethel's)
~ Slice(Millie's)
~ Ankh-Morpork (Gennie's)
~ Ohulan Cutash(Hilta's Stall)
~ Klatch (Caravan)
~ Sto Lat (Mum's)
~ CWC (Witches' Hut)
Hobnailed Boots Standard Witches' Attire ~ Shoe Shop on Skittle Alley in Ankh-Morpork
~ Magic Emporium on Sator Square in Ankh-Morpork
Old Black Cloak Standard Witches' Attire ~ "Search" 2W of Granny's Kitchen
Old Mother Dismass's Crystal Ball Used to see a spell ~ A field in southern Lancre Town
Privy Key To unlock Granny's when locked ~ In the Privy (on the nail) NW then E of Granny's
Talkers To chat with other Witches ~ Voucher Exchanged for Talker in Various Shops
The Chest and Crate Contains some items for Witches sometimes ~ S of Granny's Kitchen
~ Witchs' Hut in CWC
Witches' Black Pointy HatHeadology and Circle
(You can also "skewer" and "pull" hatpins into and out of your hat.)
~ Demon-Clawed Coat Hook in Granny's Kitchen (tickle it or say drop hat)
~ Clothing Shop in Slice
Witches' Guild Taliswoman Used to get to Granny's & back to Starting Witch (Only used until Guild Level 20) ~ Gennie's Cottage Off of Holofernes Road in Ankh-Morpork
~ Mum's Cottage off of Grave's Hope in Sto Lat
~ Witches in the Caravan in Djelibeybi
~ Mrs. Gogol's Stall on Market Street in Genua
Unlucky Charlie Used to practice spells ~ A field in southern Lancre Town
Wooden Whistle To call your fruitbat if the whistle is bonded to the bat ~ Hilta Goatfounder's stall in the Ohulan Cutash Market