Commands are usually taught by Nanny or Diksha. Ask her nicely to teach you, and if you have the right amount of skills, she will teach you. You may need to bribe Nanny with some scumble for the hedgehog command.
      Other commands are learned automatically as you advance. For these commands, you need to advance just that skill by one. For example, to get "brew" advance magic.methods by one level instead of advancing magic.

Commands:    Brew

Description: This command lets you brew stronger tea and potions. Teas and potions can be used without brewing them, but they aren't as strong. Also, teas are stronger if you brew the bottles one at a time instead of multiple bottles at once. Don't let the tea or potion simmer for too long, you might burn the tea or the bottle might explode and cause damage.
When Learned: Advance magic.methods by 1 or to level 11
Cost: 15 gp
Skills: Magic.methods.physical.brewing
Items Needed:  Tea Ingredients
Fire, Stove, or Other Heat Scource

Description: Circle draws a magic circle on the ground. It helps you to concentrate and cast spells. Spells cast inside a circle have a better chance of succeeding, you can reach higher spell levels, and you can TM more. Wet Hens need to use a lot of occult-type jewellery to draw a circle. As you advance, fewer magic items are needed. With a bonus of about 280, you can circle with only your witches' hat.
When Learned: Guild level 20
Cost: 100 gp
Skills: Magic.spells.special
Items Needed
(not all are needed):
Whitches' Hat (Recommended)
White Handled Ceremonial Bronze Knife
Black Handled Ceremonial Bronze Knife
Dark Red Candle
Silver Grail
Mummified Bat
Occult Gold Ring
Occult Snake Earring
Occult Gold Medallion
    Occult Skull Brooch
Occult Cat Earring
Occult Silver Ring
Occult Bronze Ring
Occult Silver Medallion
Occult Bronze Medallion
Occult Raven Necklace
Occult Bat Brooch
Occult Bangle

Description: This command lists the ingredients needed for a particular spell. You need to have the spell memorized to use this command.
When Learned: None
Cost: None
Skills: None
Items Needed:  Memorized Spell

Description: This command let's you copy a spell from the hag stone into your mind. Larger spells are harder to educe and take longer. The larger the spell or trick, the more likely it is to explode when you educe it with a lot of spells already memorized. If you listen to stone, it will tell you the spell that the stone is holding.
When Learned: 6 levels of magic.spells.misc
Cost: Same as the Spell being educed
Skills:  Magic.spells.special
Items Needed: 1 Imbued Hag Stone (small round stone)

Description: Fade lets you fade into the foreground and make it hard for other's to see you. You will show up in the room description, if you are good enough or if the other person's other.perception skills aren't every good. If you type "score", you can see what level you are fading at. You can get to the higher levels of fade by getting to higher guild levels. For example, to get dim, you need to be about guild level 151. To be less visible while faded, you need to have higher covert.hiding.person. You can no longer change the color of your fading. How long you can stay faded is determined by your skill.
When Learned (Theories): The most popular theories behind when you get this command is that you get this command at guild level 30. However some people have gotten this command while fighting and getting a TM in blunt. Others have gotten it when they logged in. Learning this command might go by your rating or age. But someone else said that they got it when they advanced ma.sp.special from 25 to 30. If you got fade a different way or time, please tell me or mail me. It would really help a lot.
Cost: 25 gp, plus an addition 10 gp occasionally to stay faded
Skills:  Co.hi.person
Items Needed:  None
Fade Levels:  GL 0-50:  
GL 51-100:  
GL 101-150:  
GL 151-200:  
GL 201-250:  
GL 251-300:  
GL 301-350:  
GL 351-400:  
GL 401-450:  
You are sticking out like a sore thumb.
You are obvious as a very obvious thing.
You are clear as day.
You are dim.
You are vague.
You are obscure.
You aren't here.
You are out the other side.

Description: This is a command that lets you forget a spell or squint you have memorized. A lot of mind space is needed to educe a trick from a large hag stone. If you advance ma.sp.special, you can remember more spells.
When Learned: 10 levels in ma.sp.special
Cost: None
Skills: None
Items Needed:  None

Description: With this command, you can see the room where someone is for an instant. You need to mix ink and water in a container for an inky mixture, without extra bits. The mixture only lasts about 5 minutes until it's too well blended and you need to make a new mixture. If your skills are too low, versus their magic.methods.spiritual.abjuring skill, the glimse of the room will be scrambled.
When Learned: Unknown
Cost: 30 gp
Items Needed:  Ink
Container for Liquids

Description: You can sing a song about a hedgehog, causing others to dance. It's illegal in AM & other places. (First offence: knocked unconscious. Second offence: legs are broken. Third offence: death.) The only possibly safe place to sing this is in the Ramtops. While singing, those affected will start dancing, drop items and weapons, may enter combat with you and you won't be able to fight back while singing. While you are singing, they fighting skills will drop dramatically, by like around 300 or more levels.
When Learned: guild level 100, additional verses every 10-20 guild levels
Cost: You stop singing if you run out of verses or gp.
Magic.spells.offensive ?
Magic.methods.elemental.air ?
Magic.methods.mental.cursing ?
Magic.methods.physical.chanting ?
Magic.methods.physical.dancing ?
Items Needed:  Some Scumble, Very Little (Best when Slightly Drunk)

Description: Imbue will let you store a spell in the hag stone. This is very useful because if you die, you forget all of your spells. If they are imbued in a had stone, you don't need to see Granny to relearn that spell. Also, if you have forgotten spells to save on mind space, you can store those spells in hag stones.
      You can also imbue some spells into magick crystals. When someone wears the imbued crystal, it usually has similar effects as if the spells was cast. When a empty crystal (clear) is imbued with a spell, it changes to a different color depending on the spell that is cast on it. The higher bonus you have in or, the more solid color you get when you imbue the crystal and the longer the crystal will last. After using the crystal for a while, the color will start to fade. The crystal may be re-imbued, but it could break while imbuing. These crystals are expensive. The small clear crystals are about LC 5 (about A$21) and the large clear crystals are about LC 23 (about A$100). You can also find a box of crystals if you search the shelf of Hilta's Workroom in Ohulan Cutash. They are cheaper to buy if you buy them from the stall on Ming Lane in the Trash Heap in Bes Pelargic.
      Hag Stones and magick crystals can only be imbued once. So you have to have a seperate stone or crystal for each spell. You can refill crystals, but it could break in the processs.
When Learned: 6 levels of magic.spells.misc
Cost:  Hag Stone: gp of Spell being Imbued
Magick Crystals (small): gp of Spell plus 50 gp
Magick Crystals (large): gp of Spell plus 100 gp
Skills:  Magic.items.talisman (for imbueing)
Magic.items.worn.amulet (to use crystals)
Items Needed:  1 Hag Stone (small round stone) per Spell
1 Hag Stone (large round stone) per Trick
1 Clear Crystal per Spell
Magick Crystal Spells:  Amethyst - Hag's Blessing
Aquamarine - Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard
Emerald - Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs
Jet - Banishing of Prying Eyes
Ruby - Banishing of Unnatural Urges
Amber - Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation
Magick Crystal Levels:  1. The (size) (color) crystal breaks!
2. It is crystal clear with a faint hint of (color) at its core.
3. It is crystal clear with a small (color) heart.
4. It is nearly clear with a faint cloud of (color) at its heart.
5. It is clearing and has a swirling (color) cloud at its heart.
6. It is filled with a swirling (color) cloud.
7. It is a swirling (color).
8. It is solid (color).
9. It is solid, shimmering (color).
10. It is solid, shining (color).
11. It is brilliant (color).
12. ?

Description: Mock lets you mock someone to improve his/her/their performance. Be creative with these. The more scathing the mock, the better. Also using lots of names of people and places make the mock more sucessful. A successful mock will raise that person's bonus in that skill slightly. You will need to see them perform the action while "eye" is on them for you to mock that action. If you are mocking magic, mock the skill that person is using, or casting to get the magic.spells.** skill. If you are mocking fighting, mock fighting commands. If you are mocking covert, sometimes you need to mock the skill, sometimes the command. For faith, you'll need to mock performing or godbothering. You can mock group to mock everyone in your group.
      Mock can also be used on would-be talismans (Delusions of Grandeur). By mocking a would-be talisman successfully, it will turn the item into a non-talisman, or deflate it's ego. It may take several mocks to mock down a would-be talisman.
      You can listen to other witches' mocks by turning on your "inform on" and then turning "inform mockery on".
When Learned: advance one level
Cost: 25 gp, plus an additional 25 gp per person
Skills:  Magic.methods.mental.charming
Items Needed:  Must "eye" that person first to mock, as well as see them do the action.

Description: You can use squint to create your own commands with a variety of effects depending on the methods you use. To create a squint to use, you research the method. You only need to research a method once, but you can research something mutliple times to adjust combo squints. You can research multiple methods, but it weakens the squint since your attention has to be divided between the various methods. You can't squint at yourself.
When Learned: About 10 levels Magic or Guild Level 10, from Millie in Slice.
Cost: Varys depending on the methods used.
Items Needed:  None
Blinking: +1 strength
Learned from Ethel in Scrogden with 50 levels of and 200 levels of
Eyeing: Evil eye for mock.
Learned from Millie in Slice with 20 levels of
Glancing: Speeds up a squint.
Learned from Agnes in Mad Stoat with some levels of some skill.
Ogling: Makes someone's nose drop off.
Learned from Mad Grammer Nudity in Razorback with about 150 levels of
Peering: Shows someone's aura (HP and GP).
Learned from Mum Blithesome in Sto Lat with 50 levels of
Scathing: Low offensive damage.
Learned from Millie located in Slice with 11 levels of ma.sp.offensive. Also uses
Squinching: Medium offensive damage.
Learned from the witches in the Djelibeybi caravan with 200 levels of and 60 levels of Also uses
Winking: Makes victim's attitude defensve.
Learned from Mama Diksha in Bes Pelargic with some levels of possibly or

Description: This command let's you tempt another player/NPC with fruit. This fruit can be poisoned. You can also pose as something when tempting. If you use bright red apples, it will lower your targets hp and constitution, making it a lot easier to kill them. It takes a while for the poison to take effect. Black berries can poison and blind a target. Cured and fresh fruit are more potent as poisons than dried fruit, but they weigh more. A good way to get TMs with this command is to tempt your fruitbat (once you get one) with non-posioned fruit when he/she is hungry.
When Learned: about 26 levels in
Cost: 20 gp, plus an addition 20 gp per person tempted
Skills:  Magic.methods.mental.charming
Items Needed:  Fruit
Basket (optional)

Description: If you ask Granny nicely, she will allow you to use a title.
Available Titles:  Aunty