Description: Broomsticks give you the ability to travel from one place to another by flying to a recored place or a unique person.
      Broomsticks also fit in a staff harness. However, when worn with certain items like packs, they will give a stat penalty (-1 dex). Satchels and wearable baskets from the npcs in Bois won't give a stat penalty when worn with a staff harness.

Skills Used:  magic.items.held.broom (so you don't break your legs when you land)
other.direction (so you don't misfly)
magic.methodes.mental.channeling (for fueling)
magic.points (for fuel)

Place(s) Found: The Gingerbread House in Skund Forest just outside the village of Hillshire. Search around upstairs in the cottage for the closet where the broom is located. I recommend not going at night because there are lots of evil trolls that auto-attack along the road through Skund Forest.
      You can also get broomsticks in the Counterweight Continent. North of Bes Pelargic is the McSweeney Estate. The broom is on the male side (east wing) of the estate. To get in there, you need to go to the female side (west wing), up the stairs, and all the way east. "Search" the hanging to find the secret exit to the male side (east wing). Once there, go east and all the way south into another bedroom. There is a wardrobe in this room that you can "enter", which is where the broomstick is located.

Commands Used:

Broken Legs: You can break you legs if you aren't skilled enough to use a broomstick, run out of fuel while flying, or any number of other activities. When you break your legs and try to move around, you lose hp and your constitution will drop. The only way to fix broken legs (currently) is to have a doctor set them. There is a doctor in Djelibeybi, one in the Flitwick Building in Ankh-Morpork, and one on Onetwolong Ave. on the far west side of CWC that will set your legs for you.
      So that your hp and constitution don't keep dropping, it's best to portal right to a doctor's office. To do this, have a wizard make a blorple of either of these locations. Next get a few portal scrolls so that all you need to do is cast the portal spell from the scroll on the blorped jewellery. This will create a door (if the spell is successful) right to the doctor and he will fix your legs up. However, you can't cast the portal spell with broken legs, so you'll have to get someone else to cast it for you.

Other.Direction: To get more places to record on your broomstick, advance other.direction and bond to your broomstick with Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty. You get your seventeenth place at a bonus of about 150, your eightteenth at about 190, and your nineteenth at about 230.
      This skill is not easy to advance. And trying to fly without a high bonus of ot.dir can be dangerous, especially at night. You can end up flying to places like the Shades, Skund Forest, the Ramtops, the Snail, or the Medina. All of these places have NPCs that may auto-attack you.
      However, there are some pretty good ways of TMing this skill. First, by flying. You'll probably get most of your tms this way. You'll usually get them by trying to fly on dark nights or during bad weather.
      There are also two other places to TM this skill without having to fly. You can walk around either of the Wizard libraries. The IIL library in KLK is probably the best one to start out with because it's smaller and there is a better chance of you getting out once you get in. The UU library in AM is a lot bigger and a lot easier to get lost is, especially since the directions aren't in north, south, east, or west. Recently, L-space has changed a lot. You used to be able to walk around the UU library without walking into random rooms, but that was changed. You can also TM other.direction buy consulting in-game maps.

Broomsticks on the Counterweight Continent: Weapons are strictly forbidden in Bes Pelargic, so you should sheath them or put them in containers. Otherwise they will be confiscated and you'll have to find the general store Rhinu Road to buy them back. However, you can get permits to carry around weapons.
      Luckily, broomsticks (and some other items) aren't considered weapons by the guards, so you don't have to worry about them being confiscated.

Dying in Midflight: It's not a nice way to go, but it does happen. It might happen when you try to take off while fighting something, but the command doesn't go though in time and whatever you are fighting kills you. In my case, it was against a couple of PKs (playerkillers). You can see the log of my death here: Mid-Flight Death.


People to "Fly To":

      This list is a lot shorter than it used to be. You can no longer fly to non-unique npc's (i.e. novice, native, operator, etc.) It was creating too much of a lag, so it's been taken out. As a result of losing all of these npcs, we now have more locations on our broomsticks. You can still fly to your fruitbat, players, and pets though, if they are outside.


    Near Short Street:
  • Captain Carrot (carrot)
  • Sergeant Angua (angua)
  • Sneed Finkman (sneed - outside P.O. sometimes)
    Sticken Place / Elm St. / Quarry Lane:
  • Coffin Henry (henry)
  • Duck Man (duckman)
  • Foul Ole Ron (ron)
  • Arnold Sideways (arnold)
    The Docks:
  • Cripple Wa (wa)
  • Blind Hugh (hugh)
    Temple of Small Gods:
  • Florette
  • Althea of Pishe (althea)
    Wandering Around Ankh-Morpork:
  • Pin
  • Tulip
  • Mesa Boogie (mesa)
  • Travelling Potter (potter)

The Ramtops

    Granny's Cottage:
  • Gytha (Nanny Ogg)
  • Greebo
  • Pewsey
    Bad Ass:
  • Gulta
  • Hanlo
  • Gordo
    Ramtop Moutnains:
  • Standing Stone (stone)
    Lancre Town:
  • Charlie
    Mad Stoat:
  • Agnes
  • Maggie
    Creel Springs:
  • Dia Shale (dia)
  • Barney Woodchops (barney)


    Djel bridge:
  • Gut Fishfryn IV (fishfryn)
    Market St:
  • Daft Bugger (bugger)
    Somewhere in Djelibeybi:
  • Lap-Lip
  • Mr CMOHO Dhblah (dhblah)

Cities Outside Ankh-Morpork

    Holy Wood
  • Gaspode
  • Laddie
  • Detritus
  • Hughoc Gatewood (hughoc)
  • Carlton Desric (carlton)
  • Calvert Desric (calvert)
    Near Dinky (farm):
  • Cyril the Cockerel (cyril)
  • Hamesh
  • Lezek
    Sto Lat:
  • Mum Blithesome (blithesome)
  • Jack Straw (jack)
  • Prudence

Counterweight Continent
(Bes Pelargic)

    Near T-Shop Landing:
  • One Artful Huckster (huckster)
  • One Favorite Pearl (pearl)
    Sum Bing District:
  • Kyakenko
  • Threereed
    Imperial District:
  • Old Vincent (vincent)
    Dragon District: Vault
  • Three Sitting Birds (birds)
    Fish Market:
  • Truckle the Uncivil (truckle)
  • Mad Hamish (hamish)
    Black Market:
  • Kang Wu (wu)


    Around the City:
  • Noobie
  • Jeff
  • Cuthbert
  • Casanunda
  • Bruk Lenhard (lenhard)


  • Tuffy
  • Mouldum
    Unnamed Town:
  • Jasen
  • Arno
    Temple of the Monks of Cool:
  • Brother Boad (boad)